Outback Survival Gear - Town & Country Boots "Short"

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Outback Survival Gear's new "Town and Country" WATERPROOF boots - "Where fashion meets function!"

These boots are anatomically design to create good foot support, comfort, and shock absorption.  Using the latest technology and the best materials puts these boots ahead of the competition!


* Dual density cyclone sole technology for extra support, shock absorption and comfort.

* Steel Shank for increased foot stability and to reduce arch flexion.

 * Waterproof full grain Italian leather uppers for extra protection, easy maintenance, comfort and durability.

* Equestrian designed sole and tread pattern making the safe to ride in.

Outback "Ever-Dry" technology, developed in Germany, has created a durable breathable membrane lining for long lasting protection.


This unique single-layer membrane structure comprising of millions of microfibers in a homogeneous ‘maze’ that is vapor-open, yet watertight.