Outback Survival Gear - Town & Country Boots "Short"

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Outback Survival Gear's new "Town and Country" WATERPROOF boots - "Where fashion meets function!"


* Dual-density cyclone sole technology for extra support, shock absorption and comfort.

* Steel Shank for increased foot stability and to reduce arch flexion.

 * Waterproof full-grain Italian leather uppers for extra protection, easy maintenance, comfort and durability.

* Equestrian-designed sole and tread pattern making it safe to ride in.

Outback "Ever-Dry" technology, developed in Germany, has created a durable, breathable membrane lining for long lasting protection.

This unique single-layer membrane structure comprises millions of microfibers in a homogeneous ‘maze’ that is vapor-open yet watertight.


Any questions? Please call our friendly customer service department at 1-800-430-7150. Email us at Sales@OutbackSurvivalGear.com.

Outback Survival Gear products are also available at fine retailers like Saratoga Saddlery, online www.saratogasaddlery.com or visit the Saratoga Saddlery store at 392 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY.