Outback Survival Gear - Pindari Leather Hats - Coffee Rock H8001

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The Outback Pindari Hats are made from 100% leather and are very light, soft and crushable. This amazing leather has a beautiful grain and patina to it, making each hat an individual, like its wearer!!  The brim edge is binded with a "mono-filament" memory cord so you can knock it around and it will bounce back to its original shape.  This brim can be shaped to a small degree to give a personal touch!   We named these hats after our family property located in NSW, Australia which is a 2500+ acre sheep ranch situated along the Pindari lake.  This property is as rugged as they come, with a rocky and hilly terrain that is abundant with kangaroos and wild goats and unfortunately, not so many sheep!! 

 Features: Coolmax padded elastic sweat band; water repellent leather; cooper hat band; stampede tie location; crushable design.

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