Firequest Tactical Combat Laceup Boot - 6"

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●Fire Boot Type (F2A): Fire boots with anti-static performance.
● Upper: Made from 2.5-2.7mm flaming waterproof top layer cowhide with fine texture and fireproof rubber sheet for toe.
●Inner: GORE-TEX full waterproof socks + anti-mold and antibacterial BK cloth + fireproof cotton waterproof test dynamic 150,000 times without water
● Ankle: Supportive memory foam at ankle level to provide extra comfort. 
●Sole: Vibram Fire & Ice sole that's wear-resistant, slip-resistant, high temperature resistant, oil resistant, and acid and alkaline resistant. Ultra-light resin fiber composite steel toe cap with pressure resistance 15KN, impact resistance ≥200J. Impact energy PS4 stab-resistant midsole, stab resistance coefficient  1200N. Provides excellent insulation while remaining flexible.
●Insole: Ortho-lite insole with PU memory foam. Arch support for long-term exercise without fatigue; good cushioning and shock absorption; moisture wicking to keep the soles dry. With anti-mildew and antibacterial material to help relieve and prevent athlete's foot. Washable insole without that won't break down or become deformed to maintain comfort. 
●Hi3: Class 3 heat resistance.
●Double locking system: With full zipper and full laceup.
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