Redback Lace-Up Boots - Brown or Black

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Redback is an iconic Australian Boot Company and has stayed true to Australian Made!  

This is the most popular lace-up boot in the Redback line! They are comfortable and secure on your feet whether you engage in intense hiking or simply run around at work! The leather uppers are full grain and thick, but soft for a great lasting fit. Redback hi-tech soles are durable and have an orthopedic design for maximum comfort and support. Additionally these boots are acid, oil and slip resistant. 100% Made in Australia.

 The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) soles are oil/acid/slip resistant while the PU (Polyurethane) shock-absorbing mid soles take the beating so your legs and back don't have to.

Slip Resistant - MARK II Machine tested slip resistant on oil, acid & water.

Anatomic Support System - Redback's unique Anatomic Sole cradles the foot to reduce arch sagging and prevents foot strain, fatigue and related leg and back pain.

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